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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Melissa Walker

The winners of the three gift bags from the Lancome party are… The Bionic Woman, Sammi and britx333x! Email me those addresses, ladies. Congratulations!
41tu1DQinsL._AA240_.jpg This week, I’m excited to be offering up a galley of Not Anything by Carmen Rodrigues. It just came out last week, and I got to read an early copy (that’s what a galley is–it doesn’t have the real cover, but the inside is all there). It’s a lovely, lovely debut novel. Here’s my official word on it: “Any girl who’s ever fumbled her way through changing friendships, first love and real loss will find a friend in Susie Shannon.” So if you want to win this book, just sign up for the newsletter (in the purple box at left) or comment below and tell me what book, movie or song simply makes you swoon.
For me, it was always the scene in Pretty in Pink when Blane walks up to Andie at the prom, kisses her cheek, and says, “I love you… always.” OMD’s “If You Leave” is playing in the background, and my knees just go weak! Happy Birthday to Molly Ringwald soon, btw. Can you believe this girl about to turn 40?
This one’s for you, Mol.

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  1. Irene Guberman says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Twilight sereis by Stephenie Meyer, and I absoloutly loved the proposal scene in Eclipse, the third book (Edward, the extremely hot vampire proposes to his soulmate, with the ring his father, Edward Masen, gave to his mother, Elizabeth Masen, over a hundred years ago).
    I’m also a big Scott Westerfeld fan, mostly because of his endings:
    He writes really nice books, nice – but not excelent. But then – comes the ending. Every final chapter in Westefelds’ books is the best EVER. The only thing that annoys me though, is the fact that he is not aware his characters’ names are common Israeli names: Tally, Aya, Shay, David etc. I mean, my best friends’ name’s Tally, but Scott thinks he made that name up!
    Well, anyway, I just orderd Violet by Design from Amazon, and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  2. Meredith says:

    A movie that makes me swoon is The Notebook, Serendipity, and A Walk to Remember. I LOVE any of the Nicholas Sparks books, they all make me swoon!

  3. eimear (: says:

    I love The Notebook, it’s so cute the way Noah builds Allie her dream house even though he doesnt know if she’s coming back.. In the film A Lot Like Love i love the scene where Ashton Kutcher comes and sings the Bon Jovi song to Amanda Peet and he says “I’m flat broke.I don’t have a job.I don’t have a plan.And I know I’m probably six years too late…
    but will you give me strike one back?” It’s not a great film but that scence is so cute.
    The scene you mentioned from Pretty in Pink is one of my favourites too.. I love Molly Ringwald, the breakfast club is one of my favourite films.

  4. Samantha Pfisterer says:

    A movie that makes me swoon is Under the Tuscan sun. Especially when Diane Lane is with Marcello on the beach and they’re walking through the umbrellas. It’s absolutely amazing. And I have to agree with Irene, the Twilight series is a swoon book series.

  5. Brittany says:

    Books that make me swoon are all of the books in the Twilight series. Those are my all time favorites and they just make me feel all tingly inside.
    Movies that my me swoon are Tristan and Isolde and Romeo + Juliet. Ahhhh, love em.
    Basically anything with an overload of romance is what gets me going, haha.

  6. eimear (: says:

    I forgot to mention Edward and Kim’s love in Edward Scissorshand its so.. unconventional but still so right for them!
    And also the modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes would make anyone swoon.. or just Leonardo DiCaprio in general haha ;)

  7. carolyn says:

    I know it’s sooo cliche (and so Bridget Jones) but the whole BBC Pride and Prejudice is swoon-worthy. My sis and I get together and watch all 6+ hours with tea, scones, and lemon curd at hand at least once each year.

  8. Marlayne says:

    what makes me swoon… the princess diaries movies, and 13 going on 13, almost all kinds of romantic comedy movies make me swoon.!

  9. Carmen says:

    Thanks for offering up my galley, Melissa!! Okay, so what makes me swoon? I have to say, Benny and Joon. Johnny Depp is so adorable as Sam, especially w/all of his Charlie Chaplin impersonations. Could love be any sweeter?
    Some dialogue from the film:
    Sam: How sick is [Joon]?
    Benny: Oh, she’s plenty sick.
    Sam: Oh. Because you know, it seems to me that, aside from being a little mentally ill, she’s pretty normal.
    Oh, and one last swoon-able movie… Urban Cowboy. I don’t know why, but I love it when a tough, scruffy cowboy is forced to admit that he’s just a sucker for love. :)

  10. JoeKinski says:

    Well, as a guy … it’s kinda strange to say swooning … but 2 filmic moments that make me misty-eyed enough:
    1) Almost the end of Spartacus where all the defeated rebels stand up and proclaim “I’m Spartacus!”
    2) The end of Buckaroo Banzai when the last of the power surge brings Penny back to life in Buckaroo’s arms. Or, as the Lectroid says as we fade on them, “So what? Big deal!” Not really, it is so such a big deal. Ha!

  11. There is a song that really makes me teary eyed. Its by Hanson and its called Underneath. The lyrics are well written and so beautiful:
    Waking up this morning, thinking this can’t be real,
    But they say there is nothing love can’t heal.
    Why don’t you come on down so you can feel, what I feel.
    Sitting all alone in this place,
    Even though we’re here face to face,
    There is nothing gone but there’s something wrong..
    Can’t you see, that I’m stuck here, underneath-
    And you’re making it hard to breathe
    Take a look around and tell me what you see,
    You’ll find me–
    That is just a snipet of the song. I do love it and I’ve been teased for liking them since 1997. And beyond the lyrics is the vocals of Taylor Hanson. He sounds really pained but there is hope behind the words of the song when he sings. This is my gift to you. A wonderful song. Check it out sometime. You won’t regret it. Happy Valentines Day!

  12. Mary says:

    Probably the Titanic and The Notebook.

  13. Catharina McDorman says:

    John Cusack in “Say Anything” is one of favorite characters in one of my favorite movies. I know it is corny, but it is so classic when he plays “In your Eyes” on that radio, outside her window…one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. The other movie that completely does me in is “An Affair to Remember.” I am incapable of watching that movie without crying. Especially when he finally discovers why she never showed up at the empire state building. My favorite book to swoon over is “Pride and Prejudice”…I can’t help but to read that book at least once a year.

  14. Stephanie Wade says:

    The movie that makes me swoon is P.S. I Love You!
    Mostly because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in it (he played Denny in Gray’s Anatomy) and he has an Irish accent. Scruffy Irish men make me go weak in the knees. =)
    The song that makes me swoon is Stuttering by Bens Brothers. It’s on a Dentyne Ice (chewing gum) commercial. It tends to make me feel all fluttery inside.
    And the book that makes me swoon is Jane Eyre, namely chapter 23. The whole pile up of angst, unhappiness, and arguing is worth that one tiny moment of pure romance.
    [Sorry, I couldn't resist putting all three!!!]

  15. the book and the cover looks so cute!!! :) i’d love to read it

  16. Nona Leon says:

    Haha, I love this topic. And I lovelovelove that part in Pretty in Pink, too! My mom and I love to watch Molly Ringwald movies together.
    I have to admit that the biggest swoons I get from books happen with the chemistry with Nick and Norah in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
    In movies, it’s Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice -melts-…And 27 Dresses was pretty great too. Have you seen it?
    Songs? Well, I have temporary addictions. I think the Last Goodnight’s Poison Kiss or All Over You or So Much by the Spill Canvas are great swooning songs.

  17. Tasha S. says:

    The book that makes me swoon is Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. The way that Cameron and Jenna act towards each other is just so amazing. It is the kind of true love that I know, and many other girls, are jealous over!

  18. Ink says:

    There is a movie called Latter Days that almost makes me cry every time I watch it, because it always reminds me of how hopelessly single I am…

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