Melissa Walker

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Win-It Wednesday!

Today’s contest is easy-peasy. Anyone who answers correctly, here or on myspace, will be entered to win an autographed copy of Violet on the Runway.
First, you have to watch my flipbook, here. Seriously, is FUN. Make one of your own!
Then, the question is: What magazine cover appears on page 9 of the flipbook?
All correct responses posted by next Tuesday will be pulled from a hat, and I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday!
PS-I’ll throw in a Juicy Tube if you know the song title and artist.
PPS-I realize you can cheat at this by looking at comments, but I hope you won’t!

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  1. Kate says:

    The magazine cover is ElleGirl.

  2. Amy H. says:

    Elle Girl!
    Unfortunately, I had to turn to music off so as not to annoy my dad. But I’m sure it was a good one? o_o

  3. Book Chic says:

    lol, I had my sound off too… maybe I should check it?
    Anyway, the cover is Elle Girl (btw, who is that on the cover of it? She looks sooo familiar, but I can’t remember.).

  4. It’s Elle Girl.
    Enoe Gonzalez

  5. Katrina says:

    It’s Elle Girl, and the girl on the cover is Emma Watson (Hermione in the Harry Potter movies). :P
    And the music- Tuesday Morning by the Pogues.

  6. Regina says:

    It is Elle Girl (Emma Watson). =) Good luck everyone

  7. Crystal B. says:

    It is Elle Girl. :)

  8. Lisa E. says:

    It is Elle Girl. The music sounds familiar but I can’t quite place it…darn it!

  9. Sarah Jio says:

    Hey Melissa!
    Love your flipbook. That was so fun. You’ve inspired me to make one. But it may be way too technical for me. I mean, sometimes I have trouble adding a phone number into my cell phone. ; )
    Your blog is fun. Ever find any Spaghetti O’s?

  10. Beth Kephart says:

    Hey, I don’t even need an autographed copy, cause I bought it, read it, loved it. Violet is a wonderful construction. Deeply steeped with today, but honoring the traditions of classic storytelling.

  11. Very cool! I’ve never heard of Flip books before–yours is great and very interesting!
    Answer: Elle Girl
    Sorry…don’t know the song, but I liked it and thought it was a great match for your book.

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