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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Melissa Walker

It was so much fun last week to spy on what and where you’re reading this summer — thank you! The randomly chosen winner of last week’s Suite Scarlett contest is… AmandaSue! Send me your address, A.
Heist SOCIETY final.jpgI’ve just finished reading Ally Carter’s Heist Society and (yay!) it’s so much fun. I needed a good crime caper. Ally’s chatting LIVE tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST on twitter with readergirlz–details here.
There is lots of fun movie news about Ally’s books, which got me thinking about popcorn. Uh, I mean movies. To enter to win the book, tell me this: What has your favorite summer movie been so far? I’ll admit it: I just saw Eclipse and I loved all the battles. Plus, yes, Jacob does cut a striking figure. I like it less when he speaks, but when he stands and stares, I feel a little flutter. There, I said it.
But really, I’m mostly looking forward to Inception, because it sounds awesome and The Kids are All Right, because I know I will love it.

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  1. Robby says:

    I watched Amelie, and it reminded me why I love France. The language, the people, the sound of their voices.
    I need to read more books about spies.

  2. Sarah B. says:

    Eclipse! I can’t help it.

  3. Torey says:

    Toy Story 3! I’m a big baby and cried at the end!
    Haven’t seen eclipse yet, waiting for my Twilight loving friend to get back in town…promised to wait! Must see it before school starts, my students will be talking about it non-stop!

  4. Bee says:

    I’ll echo you guys. Eclipse. Beautiful people are such a visual treat! XD

  5. jpetroroy says:

    So far, I haven’t seen much, but I did enjoy Iron Man 2. I’m also looking forward to Inception and The Kids are All Right.

  6. Diana Dang says:

    Toy Story 3!! Amazing and it was the perfect movie to end off high school!

  7. Merissa says:

    I loved Toy Story 3! It was so sweet, and for all ages. :)

  8. Meredith says:

    Ok, yes, I LOVED Eclipse! It’s turning me into a Team Jacob fangirl.

  9. Brenda C says:

    I’m taking a big leap here to say my favorite movie so far this summer is ‘The Karate Kid’. I know, I know, I feel like a traiter to my generation. The original is so ingrained in my psyche that I thought I’d hate the new version, but I couldn’t because it was good. The story was different enough that it was refreshing. And it probably helped that we saw it in the drive-in. No worries though, there is no way could it replace Daniel-son/Mr. Miagi references in popular culture.
    And yes, I have seen ‘Toy Story 3′ and ‘Eclipse’. ‘The Karate Kid’ was a surprise favorite.
    Love Ally Carter’s books. Loved Heist Society.

  10. Teresa W. says:

    I saw an advanced screening for The karate Kid and enjoyed it!

  11. Liviania says:

    I loved Iron Man 2. Although, I haven’t seen Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me yet, either of which could take its place. (Also, just saw the full trailer for Inception and it looks awesome.)

  12. Kayte J says:

    Well the only movies I’ve seen this summer were Iron Man 2, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Both were really good movies too. I kind of lean towards Iron Man 2 more because Robert Downey Jr is really good looking in that movie. But either way they were both good movies.

  13. JEM says:

    Ohhhh, summer movies. I loved Iron Man 2 as well. Is it sad I don’t go to movie theaters anymore? But I saw Iron Man 2 at IMAX, and it was sooooooooooo cool. Better than the only other IMAX movie I’ve ever seen, which was a film about sharks.

  14. Janessa says:

    Toy Story 3 was amazing! I cried like a baby at the end. Tears, snot, and everything. It wasn’t pretty…
    And I cannot wait to see Flipped because I loved the book in junior high.

  15. The A-Team = perfect summer movies. Lots of action, special effects, and crazy plans. Plus a dash of romance.

  16. Travis says:

    Hmm… Toy Story 3, I think. I watched Repo Men the other day, and it was pretty good too.

  17. Bhumi says:

    Well, Eclipse was pretty good, but I really liked Despicable Me. It was suprisingly funny.

  18. Jenners says:

    I’m not an eclipse fan, or a twilight fan in general so not that although i have seen the film. I see movies almost every week, so i guess my favorite from this summer would have been A-Team. Action, Comedy, and a hint of romance + Bradley Cooper. It was definitely worth it!

  19. Sara L says:

    Havwen’t seen any movies so far this summer, BUT I’m going to watch Eclipse tomorrow! Yay!

  20. Sonia Azad says:

    Eclipse was the best worst movie ever.
    Knight & Day was AMAZING. People standing in front of blowing up backgrounds looks awesome.
    Killers was also good (spy movies are so good)
    + TOY STORY 3. I almost cried in that movie! So good & it brings back the memories. :)

  21. Jessica says:

    Actually, I only saw one movie this summer, on DVD, and it wasn’t great. It was more of a kids movie I was watching with my niece. I really don’t watch a lot of movies–I prefer books. Can I still enter? :)

  22. Maggie says:

    Marmaduke was awesome, I loved it! And, Eclipse too. It was even awesomer!

  23. I haven’t had much of a chance to see movies this summer (ten bucks is a bit much for me to shell out, especially when I can’t keep the movie, lol). But I might dig up the cash to go see Inception on Friday…that movie looks wild!
    Awesome contest! I’ve been dying to read this one =)
    *crosses fingers*
    *really wants popcorn now*

  24. Joycelyn says:

    Eclipse! I read all the twilight books and plus its the only summer movie I’ve seen so far. Or just the only one I bothered to go see. But i loved it, it was more like the book then other two movies were. And I just loved the book. Its my fave twilight book. =))

  25. babygirlG says:

    Despicable Me :D

  26. Tiff says:

    Toy Story 3 made me sob like a baby at the end, but I actually think that the one summer movie I was slightly horrified at how much I enjoyed was Sex and the City 2. I have no explanation for this. It was badly planned, and pretty badly executed, but I laughed all the way through, and there were some moments that I could really relate to…so, I guess that’s my best summer movie this year.

  27. Meredith Foster says:

    Three words:
    Toy Story 3.

  28. Esther Shchory says:

    Honestly there is nothing I really want to watch.
    We have considered a family trip to Toy Story 3D but we have yet to see the first 2 and the 3D will probably give me terrible motion sickness.
    The Twilight film should be fun but I want to read the book first.
    Iron 2 is also a possibility but I’m not sure if I want to see it enough to make a trip to the cinema when it will be on cable in less than 6 months.
    I’m waiting for the next Harry Potter.

  29. bunnyb says:

    Fave summer movie has got to be Prince of Persia, babyyyyyy!!! Man, that film was awesome! It’s the movie of 2010 so far!

  30. LiLi says:

    I have to go with Eclipse, sadly because it’s the only movie I’ve seen so far this summer with the move and everything. But if I had to pick the favorite movie that I WANT to see (and parents supposedly promised me I would see) it’d have to be The Last Airbender. I absolutely loved it when they had it on Nickelodeon and now I can’t wait to see the movie…in 3-D!

  31. Hannah S. says:

    Please don’t enter me!
    I loved this book!
    Everything about it was so fun… Hale especially. ;)
    I’m super excited too because I’m going to be attending one of her signings on the 20th, I believe? I don’t know, but she’s coming down to where I am!
    Love, Hannah

  32. The Book Owl says:

    I actually haven’t gone to the movie theater this summer. But I’m really looking forward to Despicable Me and Inception. Does anyone else think the music in the Inception trailer is beyond amazing? It’s not really music, more of a deep alarm, but I think it’s wonderful.

  33. Alison says:

    Taylor Lautner is gorgeous *swoons* ! I haven’t seen any movies since Eclipse, but I am going to see Ramona and Beezus on Tuesday because I’m going to the movie premiere ! Heist Society looks really good ! :D

  34. Mitzy says:

    LOVED Toy Story 3! Cannot WAIT for Inception and Charlie St. Cloud!

  35. Donna S says:

    Im going to have to say Eclipse if only because its the only one Ive seen in the theatres so far. Really looking forward to Toy Story 3 though.

  36. Adrienne F says:

    I’ve liked the animated ones: Toy Story3 and Despicable Me.

  37. Bianca says:

    TOY STORY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it was brilliant.

  38. Carolyn says:

    Eclipse, Toy Story 3, im looking forward to watch Knight and Day and Grown Ups!…

  39. Erika Lynn says:

    I havent seen a movie in the theatres all summer to be honest, but I rented I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and it was hilarious

  40. Katrina says:

    Inception, I saw it the day it came out! It was intense and kept my attention! I recommend seeing it. :)

  41. TerryD says:

    Haven’t gone to many this summer – seems like other things come first. However, “The A-Team” was exactly as advertised: dumb, action-packed and entertaining.

  42. Spav says:

    This is going to sound kind of sad, but I haven’t seen any movies yet this summer. I have to wait until I’m on vacation. :(

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