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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Melissa Walker

sinners pbHey, guys.

I have been so lax about Win-It Wednesday that I feel required to make amends. First, the winner of a Tara Altebrando e-book is… Kay! Kay, let me know which book you’d like and I will figure out how to e-deliver it to you!

Next: I haven’t mentioned that the paperback of Small Town Sinners is coming out on 1/22, so let me just say this: THE PAPERBACK OF SMALL TOWN SINNERS IS COMING OUT ON TUESDAY! Ooh, there it is! Looking a lot like the hardcover with a zoom lens!

What thrills me most about a book release are sightings in the wild. Author friends can tell you that I often go into bookstores and snap phone shots of their books to send to them. Some may think I’m crazy, but I really do love that moment of: It’s there! In a store!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to find Small Town Sinners, the paperback, in the wild for me. Snap a pic if you can, and email it to melissawalkerbooks AT gmail, or just tell me where you saw it in the comments. (If you buy it — YAY! — but not required.) Libraries also count, of course, though they’re partial to hardcovers. I will randomly choose one person from the emails and comments to win a full box of books:

photo (44)

That’s right. You will win a box full of these very books. Chock full of treasures, I tell you. Click to enlarge, but don’t drool on your screen.

I’ll keep this one going for a few weeks because you need time to find the book! And I will thrill every time you see it in the wild. Thank you!

PS-Yes I know it’s Thursday. I’m behind.

PPS-Update: More ways to enter below, but +10 entries if you spot the book and let me know. That’s the big one!

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  1. Tiff says:

    OMG! What an amazing giveaway. I want!

    I will go out this Tuesday to find it! Thanks for the fantastic sorta-Win-It-Wednesday!

  2. [...] who sends in a pic or tells me about a sighting of the Small Town Sinners paperback in the wild! Info here.”  Looking over the books she’s giving away, I’d be entering myself if my TBR [...]

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  4. [...] You’ll have a chance to learn more about the book (which is so lovely) later in this post, but first, we want to tell you about a contest Melissa’s running. All you have to do is snap a pic of the SMALL TOWN SINNERS paperback when you see it in the wild, and you could win a whoooooole lotta books! Read more about the contest over at Melissa’s blog. [...]

  5. Sarah says:

    I saw it at my local bookstore yesterday… didn’t get a picture though because I didn’t see this post till now…

  6. Cinnie says:

    *sniffle* Even if I did find it, I have no way of taking a picture of it. *sigh*

  7. Torey Yates says:

    I didn’t take a picture, but saw it at my local Barnes and Noble last Wednesday on an end-cap!!!! I was so excited to see it – love the way they zoomed in on the apple, even though I did like the girl that was on the hardcover edition. Congratulations!

  8. donnas says:

    Saw it at B&N, wasnt able to get a pic, hoping to get to go back.

  9. Erin says:

    I saw it in my local indie a couple days ago, but completely forgot about the contest so didn’t get a pic.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Saw it at the bookstore! (Dropped by after school).
    Didn’t have a camera on me… but what a pretty cover! xD

  11. Lesley C says:

    I saw it at my library last week. Was way beyond excited. Hahah!

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