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Monday, April 21st, 2014 Melissa Walker

On Sunday, Romer Pedron, a photographer and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, photographed me for a project he’s doing on people “in the industry.” It was total fun and he had fancy equipment, like the umbrella light thingy. Here he is in my living room (obviously, I’m a blurry photographer):
Hopefully I’ll post some of the photos soon.
In other news, I’m all over the place lately, but here are some two spots to find me:
1. Visit the readergirlz blog, where I wrote about LETTERS TO A BULLIED GIRL, an amazing new book (seriously, check this out).
2. Go to Teen Fiction Cafe, where I posted a new video blog about what I’m reading! (You can weigh in here on whether I sound like I have a lisp when I do vlogs…)
And I might not be around later this week. Thanksgiving calls! Anyone have cool plans?

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  1. Emily says:

    Don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving except for sitting around in my pajamas and watching football and giant balloons (: None of my family can come so its going to be very low key this year. Oh well! I love this time of year anyway.

  2. For Thanksgiving we’re driving, ELEVEN HOURS, in a CRAMPED CAR, to DC to visit with family and friends. We actually leave tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited.

  3. Nikki says:

    A little late on the response but I had the coolest Thanksgiving… my whole family went to the resort in Virginia where part of Dirty Dancing was filmed… the big stone hotel, lake scenes, and gazebo scenes were filmed there. It was pretty awesome, not many people can say the stayed at “Kellerman’s” for Thanksgiving, I even got a t- shirt, now I’m double the cool. Hope your vacation was awesome.

  4. Melissa send me an email or facebook let meet so i can give you your pics!

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