Melissa Walker

Friday, April 18th, 2014 Melissa Walker

The Weekend To-Do List

1. Go to Shooting Stars and see if you won a marked-up copy of Violet on the Runway!
2. Smile for me because I have a new book coming out next summer and I’ll tell you more about it this coming week!
3. If you live in NYC and want to meet the How to Be Bad girls, head to Books of Wonder tomorrow (Sunday!), 18th Street between 5th and 6th, at 1 pm. I wish I were in town! (Those are the HTBB girls pictured: Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski and E. Lockhart–how adorable are they?)

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  1. Ink says:

    Congrats on the new book! I didn’t win Violet… damn. I’ll read it someday, I promise!

  2. Tiqa says:

    hi hi hi! thanks for the birthday wish. OMG. I can’t believe Melissa Walker just wished me happy birthday!! I read violet on the runway, great piece of work. Anyway, was wondering, how did you found my blog? It’s not that easy to find, so I was curious. Oh, very well. You sure have lots of fans to reply back to, so Goodbye. Keep in touch.
    Atiqah :DD

  3. Congrats on the new book deal! :)

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