Melissa Walker

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 Melissa Walker

Last weekend, I went out for my friend Anne’s birthday. I got her a cake:
That was nice, but here’s the kicker: There were balloons! Somehow, they turned the evening into a photo shoot… here’s Caroline shooting Anne:
And Mariel caught in the flash:
Me, hamming it up:
Melissa balloons.jpg
Erin, almost flying away:
We carried them all around Brooklyn and lots of people noticed us (consider this your how-to-meet-a-guy tip: Carry balloons!). I’m just saying: These helium-filled rainbow orbs can make a party. Get some for your next soiree. (Thanks, Marie and Johan!)
Oh, and thanks to Nicole for sending me this pic — her library finally got the Violet books! Yay!
Violet in the library.jpg
Happy weekend!

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