Melissa Walker

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Melissa Walker

That’s where I am–over at inbedwithbooks, blogging about fashion (just like Maryrose Wood and Jennifer Banash did earlier this week!). Check us all out. And, comment to win our books!
Here’s what I’m blogging about. Intrigued? You should be.
Thanks for having me, Liviania! Oh, and here’s her review of Violet in Private. Phew, she liked it! (Extra entries if you comment there too.)
PS-Happy to be alongside Breaking Dawn on BuzzSugar’s Must Haves for August! Who went to a BD party? I want to hear about it!

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  1. Kyle (BRM) says:

    I didn’t go to the party. I havent even read Eclipse yet… it is on my shelf I just need to get through all those darn ARCs. Oh Well..

  2. emily says:

    Ooh! I went to a party.
    It was lotsa fun. I made T Shirts for my friend and I. I was number 64 to get the book [and then had to wait for my friend to get hers so we could go home [she was number 300 or so]]. I also saw some kids I haven’t seen since I graduated in June.
    I was so excited to *finally* get the book that I was like bouncing up and down and thanking the cashier repeatedly. They gave me a pin that said “I’ve been bitten by Breaking Dawn” and I stuck it on me. I was so happy to have the book and smell the new book smell.
    And then we went home and I stayed up until 5 am reading.

  3. Alea says:

    Me and my sister went to the party last night at Borders. We were in the first group so we could our book super fast and were home by 12:15! I pretty much browsed the whole time there were a lot of people there! I took a video I might put on my blog :) The lady giving out the wristbands put a stack of the Violet bookmarks on her table!! I also brought some to my library and Barnes and Noble! So they are all set free now!
    While I was at the library I looked at their friends of the library sale rack and found two V.C. Andrews books (with holes!!!!) I just couldn’t leave them there, so I bought them! I also have Flowers in the Attic, the movie coming from netflix today!
    Better get back to reading… I’ve only read the first two chapters!

  4. Regina says:

    There wasn’t any BD party here. =( The book was suppose to come on Monday (4th Aug) but on Saturday night I got a call from the store that BD arrived. I was so happy and jumped up and ran out of the house. I was the first to collect my book. =] But I didn’t get any freebie whatsoever. Oh well, I’m happy that I got my book!
    2 days till Violet in Private is released! =)

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