Melissa Walker

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Melissa Walker

august_kendra.jpgThis book is fantastic. I read it on my honeymoon and probably neglected Dave because I was so engrossed. It’s the readergirlz pick for August, so we’ll be discussing it with author Coe Booth all month long–check it out and join in the chatter.
Here’s a summary:
Kendra’s mom, Renee, had her when she was only 14 years old. Renee and her mom made a deal — Renee could get an education, and Kendra would live with her grandmother. But now Renee’s out of grad school and Kendra’s in high school . . . and getting into some trouble herself with a hot guy at school who moves pretty fast. Kendra’s grandmother lays down the law: It’s time for Renee to take care of her daughter. Kendra wants this badly – even though Renee keeps disappointing her. Being a mother isn’t easy, but being a daughter can be just as hard.
Also, this book totally reminds me of my new favorite show: 16 and Pregnant (realistic, raw, sometimes hard to watch in a good way). Did you guys see the adoption episode? I cried through like the whole thing.

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One Comment

  1. Summer says:

    me too… the adoption show was the best.

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