Melissa Walker

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 Melissa Walker

So, first we hiked Bryce Canyon, which was gorgeous and tiring in the best possible way. Here, I lean.
In Park City, I was being fascinated by this tree I strolled by one day, where people had hung up hundreds of sneakers. A graduating class maybe?
I skiied a couple of days, but not with my camera. And my friend Katie broke her leg, so wish her well! And be careful skiing in heavy powder!
Happy Friday!
PS-On a grumpy note, my DVR lost a ton of shows while I was away, including the premiere of America’s Next Top Model and the finale of Top Chef. Neither of which are on hulu. Anyone see these?

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  1. Amee says:

    You can watch the Top Model premiere on The CW’s website. :)

  2. Still, I’ve never been to Utah!

  3. Genevieve says:

    I saw both shows, I’m going to guess that you’ll just watch the link that some left for top model.
    ***Top Chef spoilers!***
    Okay, so each of the contestants were assigned a chef that made it to the top 3 in former seasons but didn’t win. Carla got Casey(idk what season) and Casey convinced her to do some things that she didn’t plan to do… So Carla’s food didn’t have the love it normally has. Stefan was pretty good he was 2nd place but as usual he was arrogant. And Hosea won Top Chef. I read somewhere that they thought that Hosea wasn’t the best and that he really was lucky.
    ***Spoilers over***

  4. Stephanie W says:

    You can catch all ANTM episodes on youtube! :) That’s where I find them, since it takes forever for them to be put up on the CW site.

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