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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 Melissa Walker

This is my last weekend at our rented country house. Sigh. Here are a few photo memories (outside shots of the barn and the bridge, s’mores, the house with with me and my friend Charles, the view from the porch swing–my favorite!, the vegetables looking fresh and pretty, me at the county fair). Click any to see them better, although who cares about my country weekends? I am just nostalgic so I had to post a tribute.
And, there’s a guest blog I wrote for Harmony Book Reviews about the film American Teen. Comment there for a chance to win this “Team Jake” button–you’ll want it after you see the movie. Trust me.
Oh… and I did an interview with mystery writer April Henry, where she asked me about my biggest fears. It got intense! Check it out.
PS-You have until September 1st (that’s Monday!) to enter the Big Contest. So far, no videos have been entered… just so you know. But there are some awesome entries. You can enter as many times as you want, so use your weekend wisely. But, you know, homework first. Haha.
PPS-The myspace readergirlz chat got cancelled last night because of kooky myspace behavior. It’ll be ON next Thursday, same time, 9pm Eastern. Hope to see you then. Sorry!

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  1. Lovely pics, M! The bridge would make me nervous, though! :)

  2. Liviania says:

    Not only do I have to do my homework first, I have to wait for my models to do theirs as well!
    (They totally think I’m more fun than O Chem.)

  3. Victoria says:

    LOL. I’m so silly.. and I wondered why there was no activity at 9pm UK TIME. :| Haha, I worked out that’ll be about 2am english? :s Argh, never mind, I’ll just keep an eye on your blog :)
    Have fun on thursday!
    And I loveee your country home, especially the roasted marshmellow part! ;)

  4. Ink says:

    I guess you have to NOT live in the country to appreciate this. >.> Oh well. Nice pics though.

  5. Lucy D =) says:

    Oh, wow- your country home is gorgeous- and I love the roasted marshmellows too! =D Lol, and I’m secretly glad that the readergirlz chat was postponed coz my sister and I went on a Cadbury World tour (Yum!) and I was really sad that I wouldn’t have been able to make it. But now I can, so yay! =)
    ~Lucy D =)

  6. Oh, I’m SO jealous. I want to see American Teen really bad. :)

  7. Chloe says:

    Well, Melissa i actually have a question. i dont know if you can answer it but if you can PLEASE do! was that the last violet book? because usually theres like a preview in the back so i’m just wondering!

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