Melissa Walker

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Romer Pedron, a photographer whom I met when he was in high school and submitted some photos to ELLEgirl (which were published), recently did a photo shoot with me at my house. It was for his thesis project at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and he shot a bunch of people in the fashion industry, including moi.
I won’t show you everything (I’m really doing this post to show off Romer!), but here’s one shot where you can see my writing space–the overstuffed pink-flowered chair, my laptop, my standard black-with-jeans writing outfit (though, honestly, I don’t always have all my teen magazines spread out like that, nor do I read my own book!):
Don’t worry–I’ll get a little color from the sun this summer! And if any writers are looking for author photos, Romer rules and is super sweet and fun.
Happy Friday!
PS-It’s Book Chic’s Blogiversary month, and I made him a vlog to celebrate it. Watch the “um” count here on myspace or here on youtube!

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  1. Beth Kephart says:

    Wait a minute now. You can’t tease us like this. We want MORE pictures. What a gorgeous space. I love seeing this.

  2. Thao says:

    You’ll show us some more pictures right? Because I so want to see the rest. Love your pose with the book. I’m reading Violet On Runaway and I think it’s really cool!

  3. Claire says:

    Love it! So is this your official author pic now? It’s lovely!

  4. Lisette says:

    It is indeed lovely! haha so you don’t read your own books and have all those magazines laid out? haha :)

  5. Romer Pedron says:


  6. Genevieve says:

    You have to show us more pictures! I love how you have a notebook AND a computer. I think that it fits your personality perfectly. : )

  7. Alea says:

    What a lovely photo, going to go check out his website!

  8. Miss Erin says:

    I love the picture, you look fabulous. :-)

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