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Sunday, April 20th, 2014 Melissa Walker

ct_greetings_florida.jpgSorry I missed Win-It Wednesday yesterday! The winner of Michael Northrop’s Trapped is… LiLi! Send me your address, L.
I’m not sure if LiLi’s living in Florida will make the book seem more like a fantasy novel than a contemporary one, but I sure wish I were in the Sunshine State. (And I’m going there next week–yay!)
And, that said, I’m buried under work! Book stuff! So Win-It Wednesday is on pause until next week. Besides, it’s Thursday anyway and I like the “W” thing of Win-It Wednesday so it just wouldn’t work today. I’m justifying.
Side note: Don’t you love those old-timey post cards? Divine.
PS-If you’re in a win-it mood and I’ve disappointed, I direct you to readergirlz, where Megan Whalen Turner is giving away *twenty* copies of her awesome book The Thief. Go, go!

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  1. Lauren says:

    You’re coming to my state! Yay! (Well, I technically don’t own it, but you know…)
    Where about are you going? I will say that the weather has been a bit weird lately. This past week was in the low 60s, but next week should be in the mid 70s. (I’m in Orlando, so give or take 10 degrees wherever you’re going. That said, if you’re coming to Orlando, I can give you tons of recommendations on great places to go!)

  2. Anna C. says:

    Yeah, Win-it-Thursday just doesn’t have the same… ring to it. haha Have fun in Florida!! If it’s anything like southern Alabama right now then it’s unusually COLD! But they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing so hopefully the weather will be nice while you’re there! :)

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