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Monday, April 21st, 2014 Melissa Walker

Marketing Monday: Teen Vogue Stories

teenvoguejune08cover.jpg I wrote a story about what it’s like to have an autistic sibling for Teen Vogue‘s June/July issue. Actually, it’s really Annie Seggara’s story about her complicated and loving relationship with her sister Emily. It was incredibly eye-opening to interview Annie, who’s very poised, articulate and honest. The story is below.
I also wanted to give Teen Vogue props for this article about Ali Michael’s struggles in the modeling industry. I blogged about her story earlier (Ali’s tale really parallels the plot of Violet by Design), and I’m glad they gave it such space in the magazine. The more girls inside the industry speak out against the unhealthy weights of models, the more change can happen, I believe. Ali: You are completely awesome.
Happy Holiday Monday!

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  1. Kelly Wynne says:

    That’s so cool, Melissa!
    Happy Memorial Day =)

  2. =D That’s awesome!!!!!

  3. Jess Riley says:

    Melissa, thanks so much for stopping by my blog…and what a great article!
    (Oooh, just 70 days ’til YOUR book is out! They go so, so quickly!! :)

  4. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Ink says:

    That article really hit home… My autistic cousin who has lived with us on and off since he was born is EXACTLY the same way. It’s just comforting to know that other people are living with the same hardships and can overcome those obstacles. Now I just have to find some stories about all of the other family issues I have…

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