Melissa Walker

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Justinecover.jpg I know some of you guys are averse to reading reviews, and I totally get that, but I just had to say that I loved sharing space with the lyrical Beth Kephart (who blogged about our new friendship earlier this spring) and Liz Gallagher, whose book I see everywhere and I can’t wait to read!
In Justine magazine’s latest issue, you can find a review of all three of our books (posted below–just click on it to see it up close). I especially like the right-to-the-point “Why You Should Read It” parts at the end of each review. You might get some new titles for your to-read list here… just sayin’.
PS-If you’re a teenager and live in one of the below states and have read the amazing book RED, email me NOW. I have an awesome writing opportunity for you! (Girl reviews needed from: HI, KS, GA, KY, IL, MN, NV, NJ, OH, PA, RI, TX, UT, WV, OR, MO). Offer expires Wednesday.

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  1. PJ Hoover says:

    The Opposite of Invisible is awesome! And reviews rock!

  2. Oooh, that’s so cool about the Justine Magazine! Congrats!
    Red is an AMAZING book! The girls who wrote those essays rock. I wish I had known about the book when they still wanted submissions. But I’m from Michigan. *sigh*

  3. Liviania says:

    I live in TX, but haven’t read the book. However, I’m going to the bookstore and library tomorrow. I’ll check it out.

  4. I read it. :]
    And thankfully, I live in IL.

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