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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Marc by Marc Jacobs

00420m.jpg Last Fashion Week post, I promise. Can you tell that I don’t get out much? Usually, I sit in an overstuffed pink chair in my yoga pants, typing away… but when I do step out, I like to dwell on it for days. Especially because I got to wear this accessory of accessories:
Whee! And okay, my photos kinda suck so I’m just gonna post my favorite one big: The cutest quartet of models outside the backstage entry. Look at those lips! I may have to adopt that bright pop of color like the MJ models and my friend Jolene rock. I wonder if I can pull it off.
Now, I’ll attempt a patchwork of the rest of the photos I took. I was experimenting with “night” photos and zooming. Obviously, photography is not my thing, but you can click on each if you want to see any in its larger form. Shots to look for include: MJ and Fergie chatting it up–yes!, too-cool boy models, my gorgeous designer friend Laura (who was in 7th grade home ec with me but has obviously way surpassed my stitching skills), and the interesting way models remember how their outfits are styled–by hanging posterboard!
So what do you guys think? (You can see the full collection shot by real photographers here). Lots of black with shocks of color, big backpacks, glorious bows, plaids and houndstooth and ponytails with headbands (I still love that look).
Don’t forget to enter to win the Violet/Lancome gift bag. I’ll post next week with the winner!

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  1. Wendy says:

    That lipstick color is lovely! And I’ve always like the ponytail with headband look too.

  2. Noel says:

    Wow, the posterboard is really interesting…I’m imagining a room full of posterboards like at a science fair or something. I’m insanely jealous.

  3. Kwana says:

    I love these posts. Thanks for sharing. I’ve tagged you on my blog today. Check it out and have fun!

  4. LilyAlisons says:

    Bonjour, Charming to join you, I am alise

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