Melissa Walker

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Lorber190.jpg Do you guys watch MTV’s The Paper? I do. Probably because I was a newspaper girl in college (yearbook in high school). And I’m making a declaration: I love Amanda Lorber.
She’s the sometimes bossy, often decisive, uncannily upbeat Editor-in-Chief on the show. Why do I adore her? She’s left out of most social engagements with the other editors, she’s mocked behind her back, she’s ditched for homecoming with a “Sorry, I’m grounded” text… and yet she’s still incredibly persistent in her pursuit for what’s best for the paper. And she keeps her head up. Are there tears? Yes. Do feelings get hurt? Yes. She’s human. But she’s also a mostly optimistic person, and at 17 years old when you’re getting dissed left and right, that’s a huge feat.
Yay, Amanda!
I also think it’s cool that she played Rizzo in Grease.
The end.

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  1. Ink says:

    I agree! She’s one of the only people who doesn’t actively diss people behind their backs…

  2. Alea says:

    Oh my gosh what is this show! I haven’t watched MTV in about 2 years so I’m totally out of the loop but this show actually seems good! I’ll have to netflix when it comes out! I would have totally been friends with this girl in high school, I did newspaper and yearbook, fun stuff!

  3. Lenore says:

    Haven’t seen that show, but she looks like she could be Hayden Paniterre’s (sp?) sister.

  4. PJ Hoover says:

    Got anything new to blog about? I just got my Publisher’s Lunch deals.

  5. Lucy D =) says:

    It hasn’t aired yet because of where I live, but I hope it does soon! It sounds really interesting! =D

  6. Lucy D =) says:

    It hasn’t aired yet because of where I live, but I hope it does soon! It sounds really interesting! =D
    ~Lucy D =)

  7. Lucy D =) says:

    Whoops! Sorry I accidentally double-posted! The refresh button must have a grudge against me. I don’t know what I did to offend it!
    ~Lucy D =)

  8. Kelly says:

    I’ve only seen the show once while I was working out at the gym. It was hard for me to get into the show, but I was running on a treadmill at the time. =P
    I meant to record the finale so I could check it out again, but I totally forgot about it. =3

  9. ambeen says:

    Ooh, I love this show. I love Amanda too. :P

  10. Spencer says:


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