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Friday, April 18th, 2014 Melissa Walker

I’m over at Death by Latte author Linda Gerber’s blog today, so go leave a comment to win a signed copy of Violet in Private!
Meanwhile, I’m totally impressed by Entertainment Weekly‘s attention to the way-too-thin 90210 actresses (which I read about on ypulse). Way to go, EW! What do you guys think? I say: Scary Skinny–help them become more Blair-and-Joan-like. I heart Blair Waldorf. And Joan Holloway from Mad Men–who is a total babe. See below for proof.
PS-I’m following all the Mad Men characters on twitter–and they are following me! How cool is that? I’m a giddy fangirl when they send me messages. I know: Dork.

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  1. Lauren Mechling says:

    More like a dork with eggcellent taste (who’s the dork now)? xo L

  2. Julia says:

    I know, because check out the publicity shots from the first season of Beverly Hills (which I am now calling it). Brenda in her mom jeans and Kelly with — HIPS! And so hot. Which reminds me of my absolute favorite scene from the 1st season, which is the first time Brenda is going out with Kelly and Donna, and Cindy asks Kelly about curfew and Kelly is in her red convertible with her ponytail and is all “what curfew?”

  3. julia says:

    Also, your obsession with madmen reminds me: did you ever watch Twin Peaks? Because I think you would be pretty into Audrey Horne’s style as well.

  4. julia says:

    This is really funny (from the article):
    Ally McBeal confronted the controversy face-to-emaciated-face when Boyle guest-starred in a 1998 episode and sneered to Flockhart, “Maybe you could eat a cookie.” Flockhart snapped back, “Maybe we could share it.”

  5. I love Audrey Horne! Total compliment. Did you see Madchen is on Gossip Girl now? I may rewatch all the Twin Peaks DVDs soon. And yes, two great quotes. I can picture ’93 Kelly Taylor perfectly.

  6. Katie C says:

    What really shocked me was a side-by-side of the promo posters from the original 90210 and the new one. I told a guy friend about my reaction and he thought I must be making it up. I hedged with, “Well, I’m sure they photoshop liberally, but…”

  7. Liviania says:

    I would like to point out that Joan Holloway is totally gorgeous in that photo, but still definitively skinny. I wish the media understood the difference between healthy, attractive skinny and bizarre, creepy skinny.

  8. Amee says:

    They had the same thing in Us Weekly with the old promo photos against the new ones. It’s scary how skinny those girls are. The 90s weren’t that long ago but the standard for what looks good has already changed so drastically. It’s sad. Whenever I see the new 90210 girls I can’t help but think they must be so hungry.

  9. Emmaleigh504 says:

    I keep waiting for Annie in the new 90210 to pass out during one of the theater scenes. One french fry does not give a girl energy to sing and dance after a full day of school.
    And what happened to the Mega Burgers?? No one seems to eat at the Peach Pit anymore!

  10. beth kephart says:

    I have a Mad Men fan friend who is going to be utterly jealous. Utterly so.
    And so am I.

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