Melissa Walker

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Friday Fondness for Mortified

V. excited about this weekend’s parties, but I’ve said enough about those! Oh, I’m also happy about that big football game on Sunday, which I think of as an excuse to eat a ton of my friend Phil’s gourmet food.
But what I can’t hold in any longer is my love for Mortified, and I’m so glad that I can share it in video form now that they’ve got these thrilling performances up:
// The Mortified Shoebox Show //

Watch it, love it, laugh at it, and if you can get to a show, live it. I may even post some of my own mortifying diary entries on this blog one day, a la Megan McCafferty’s retroblog. Sweet.
PS-My favorite video might be “I Hate Drake” — warning: curse word alert!
PPS-Yes, Fashion Week has begun, but let’s not forget that Newsweek is predicting The Rise of the Real People. Yay!

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  1. Kwana says:

    Thanks Melissa. I loved it and My Bodyguard was totally my favorite movie! I just had my kids watch it over the summer. Too funny.
    I’m going to have to link that one day.
    I hope your launch party is great.

  2. Will says:

    journal, oh my god. melissa posted my video! she is so totally great! xo Will

  3. Sarah Grace says:

    Yah for Mortified love! Wish you come down to our DC show on the 19th!

  4. lingerie says:

    we enjoyed going through this article, you have a amazing writing style! I have sent a link to my bro, and shall definately be back for update.

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