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Monday, April 21st, 2014 Melissa Walker

One of the Win-it Wednesday authors is here this week! Lynn Weingarten is sharing her cover story. Yay!
“One day I needed a writing break but wanted to feel like I was being productive, so I decided to browse through some stock photo websites to look for some cover ideas, just for fun. I found a few photos I thought were cool and I sent them along to my editor. This was the one my editor liked the best:
“I love the pose and the girl’s crazy-looking eyeballs. She reminds me a little bit of the princess in The Neverending Story.
“My editor passed it on to her art department, and they liked it too. At that point my book didn’t yet have a title, so for about ten minutes I was thinking we could call the book Hush to match the picture. (A quick search on Amazon, however, revealed that Hush is already of a whole bunch of other stuff including another book, a Gwyneth Paltrow movie and a series of Batman comics).
“Eventually we settled on the title Wherever Nina Lies and the Scholastic art department made this cover mock-up:
“I loved it! But in the end we all agreed that the girl looked sort of like a very pretty alien and that her alien-esque-ness made it seem like the book is sci-fi (which it isn’t). Scholastic hired a model and did a photo shoot. And then made a few tweaks here and there. They were very open to hearing my thoughts about stuff, but really, I didn’t have a ton to say. I loved the cover. And here is the final:
“I love it. I love the colorful letters in the title and the map at the bottom. I think the model looks great. It’s funny to me that even though she is right there on the cover, I have no idea what her name is, or how old she is or anything. I mean, I guess that’s not really unusual at all, but still… it strikes me as odd. I wonder if any of her friends or relatives called her up after the book came out and were like, ‘I saw you on a book cover today, YOU HAVE WORDS ALL OVER YOUR FACE!’”
Hear that, cover model? Get in touch with Lynn here. Well, you guys know that I loved this book, and I think the cover is really compelling too. Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Wherever Nina Lies (it’s signed!) here.

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  1. Great cover. And I love how you were involved with the process.
    Love stock photos.. I could spend days there. :)

  2. Alea says:

    LOL! I’d want to know who she was too if she was on my book! Or if I was on a book, I’d want to know the author! Awesome story, and yes the first girl is too pale!

  3. I loved this book, too – and the cover is great! I love that Lynn got to have so much say in her book design!

  4. Em says:

    That’s such a cool story. I love how they used the stock photo that Lynn found as inspiration for their shoot with the model. And wouldn’t it be cool if the model contacted Lynn?! :)

  5. Great cover, great backstory – thanks for sharing! Yes, that first girl does remind me of the Childlike Empress. :) Interesting book, and cool interior art.

  6. Thao says:

    I love the cover of the book, it’s soooo beautiful. I wonder how the model felt when she first saw this. Well, she still looks so nice with words all over her face though.

  7. Claire says:

    Definitely the second! I really like the funky cut-out letters, they remind me of a ransom note (maybe Nina gets kidnapped?) and the map….the first girl is just too pale and sickly-looking.

  8. Jenny says:

    The covers is lovely. I do like that alien picture but the colours in the final one are beautiful ^_^

  9. ashley says:

    i just read this book today and i absolutely LOVED it. Just thought i would mention that. :)

  10. happy! says:

    just got done reading it! AMAZING BOOK! i can honestly say that it is the best book that i’ve EVER read! i loooved it! ;D

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