Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Southern Festival of Books

So in addition to being an amazing town (Nashville) and being super awesome in and of itself, The Southern Festival of Books introduced me to two new favorite things: 1. Kathryn Williams! We did a panel together about writing romance in YA and it was like we were separated at birth! One of her friends even thought we were old pals from the way we kept talking when we went to a Honky Tonk after the panel. Loved her! Excited to read her full back list. That's us (signing next to Junot Diaz, *faint!*)

2. Fried bologna sandwiches. Let's be honest--I am from the South so this was a reintroduction, but I hadn't had one since childhood!



Photo Friday: Martha's Vineyard

We went to Martha's Vineyard with Dave's family in September and it was like, "Oh yeah, THIS is what everyone talks about." What a seriously amazing spot--bikes, ocean, farmland, forest, lighthouses! Gorgeous.

Pop culture aside: Lots of Jaws paraphernalia around, since they filmed most of it there. That movie, man, I can watch it whenever it's on.

AND, both of these bookstores rocked my world (Bunch of Grapes and Edgartown Books).

This photo of June with her dad by the ocean makes me miss my own father in a bittersweet way (but mostly sweet). Yay for daddys' girls.

Happy Friday!


Photo Friday: Vintage Shopping!

This week I did some vintage shopping with  Vintage maven Sammy Davis at A Little Wicked (check out their Yelp reviews--an amazing must-hit shop if you're in NYC). There was one dress that was super fun but a little too costumey on me (didn't buy)...

And then there was the black and white dress that is a one-step party-goer (bought):


And the $20 bargain shirt-dress with the great gold-thread detail (bought):


And finally the dress that Sammy scoped for me that was labeled "Miss Fall 2012" (bought!):

Ahhh, I love vintage shopping! Remember last time I went? It was like two years ago, way pre-baby! So glad to be stocking the closet again. Thanks, Sammy D!

Happy Friday!