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Thursday, April 17th, 2014 Melissa Walker

A new blog I love, keep winning it, and a few good reviews

Thursday’s cupcake is for Beth Kephart, whose new book, Undercover, has gotten amazing reviews. I cannot wait to read it, especially after stumbling upon Beth’s blog, which is incredibly well done, and encourages everyone to fall in love with writing.
I quote, from Tuesday’s post:
“A child asks: What is the surest way to success as a writer? Success being (the child says) fame, being fortune. Because it happened to J.K. Rowling. Because it should happen to us all.
I want to say: Change the terms of your equation. Seek, first, conversation with yourself. Then conversation with others. Then impact.”
Um, WOW. Go read it!
Feel free to keep posting on Wednesday’s contest–I’ll wait until Sunday to pick a winner.
Lastly, a couple of good reviews for Violet on the Runway came out this week–yay! Here they are:
Beauty Blogging Junkie
The Foursquare
Clark Magnet High School Chronicle

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  1. Beth Kephart says:

    I happen to adore cupcakes and especially those as sparkle-glittered as yours (where did you get that?!).
    And I love your generosity, am so grateful for it.
    Next up I’m reading Violet. I’m getting the inside scoop on something, �modeling, �that I find fascinating, impossible, alluring.
    Congratulations on your great reviews!

  2. Thanks so much for the link! Undercover looks wonderful! And big congratulations on all those reviews!

  3. Melissa says:

    Thanks, Beth and Alyssa! Glitters come from this site: Love it. Got turned onto it by!

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